Publisher Agent of Record Select

The AIFY model offers an opportunity for the agent of record to find a home for each and every lead that they have generated from all contacts and verticals. The AIFY team will take your desired volume of calls and then digest and legitimize your leads. If the agent of record’s traffic meets our basic standards, the AIFY team will then redirect your leads to an interested pool of buyers. With a reduction towards less-than-productive traffic, the cleaned up quality of leads you will experience as a result of the AIFY model will allow you to benefit from an increased consistency in buyer relationships. AIFY aims to reduce communication disruptions and to strengthen the partnership between the agent of record and the sellers they work with by cleaning up the marketing channel that each party mutually relies upon. An increase in the quality of relationships will naturally lead to an increase in transactions. A validation of the quality of leads is the first step towards providing a strong middle-ground mediation between both parties and delivering a sustainable source of revenue to each side.