My Select

Representing the height of personalization within the AIFY model, the My Select program offers customized campaigns and funnels to vendors and publishers who already have their own traffic but wish for it to be filtered through the AIFY process. The AIFY team will take your organization’s specific traffic, validate the legitimacy of the leads, and then pass them back to your own dedicated agents so that they can pursue quality leads that come with a higher closing percentage, all for a flat rate. As such, the My Select program benefits both publishers and advertisers by forging a model that places equal importance on production companies and sales organizations while working towards meeting each side’s specific and mutual needs. Further, each side’s personal traffic is not included in any of our shared pools used in other programs, and it is maintained as a private, personal resource for your organization alone. With increased morale both on the floor and in the office and a sense of confidence and validation towards your existing leads, the AIFY model simply makes sense, particularly within a personally tailored, organization-specific approach.