Direct Advertiser Select

The Direct Advertiser Select service is geared towards sales organizations and offers them the benefit of purchasing from a pool of traffic that is specifically tailored for their service and authenticated by the AIFY process. Once on board with the Direct Advertiser Select service, the AIFY team will rein in your calls to TCPA guidelines and standards while matching them to your requested criteria. Experience the benefit of knowing that your customer is genuinely interested in hearing the details of your offer. With an increased average talk time and an improvement towards your organization’s closing ratio, AIFY offers a cleaned up process and an improvement in floor morale. The AIFY team will work to screen, detect, and filter out fraudulent elements, providing you with quality calls, and more importantly, peace of mind. Our proprietary software stores the verbal consent received over the phone, shaping your marketing efforts towards total compliance and legitimacy. Additionally, each call comes with a unique Lead ID that is stored in our system and made available for you to access at any point.