Advertiser Agent of Record Select

The AIFY system prides itself on being friendly and inclusive towards the agent of record. We understand that the agent of record controls the end conversation with the user. AIFY values the concept of communication and maintaining clarity between the agent and the buyer party. As an unbiased, third-party mediator, we put transparency and non-circumvent agreements at the forefront of our process. AIFY works hand in hand with other agent of record networks, both established and upcoming, thus helping you to expand your organization’s vision and scope. We can help you attain your desired margin by providing a marketing channel where your buyers will experience an improved closing ratio as a result of the AIFY system. The AIFY team is trained in weeding through and cleaning up the marketing space, thus allowing for your clients’ highly trained agents to place their focus on simply closing deals. With the AIFY team at your disposal, your clients will have access to an improved angle on the lead-per-lead process and experience a reduction towards the squandering of manpower.