about us

AIFY is a lead validation company who works with both ends of the marketing spectrum, assisting advertisers and publishers by providing them with safe, secure, facilitation of the buying and selling of leads. AIFY is dedicated to remodeling the relationship between advertisers and publishers while increasing productivity and reducing headaches for both parties.

Every good business has to provide a solution to a problem. We at AIFY noticed that there was a major issue plaguing the marketing industry, and this issue surrounds how there has never been a true marriage between buyer and seller. Both parties typically define themselves by these labels rather than defining themselves as a united partnership with complete transparency. When there are two separate entities transacting on a lead-for-lead basis and not on a partnership level, their dealings suffer as a whole. AIFY aims to create a contract and a handshake between both parties, thus eliminating the need of each party to squander resources on scrutinizing the process.

Adhering to TCPA standards and regulations, the AIFY process was conceived to help new and preexisting advertisers and publishers conform to and thrive within these regulations. The success of the AIFY model was immediate, and its potential within the marketing space is unlimited. AIFY aims to provide a counterbalance to the open supply of lead generation through our compliance regulated process. AIFY recognizes that an abundance of leads with varied results is not the best way to handle marketing traffic. As a lead verification company, AIFY offers the valuable service of assurance, both of quality and legality. AIFY has carved out a niche for itself within the industry as a much-needed, impartial, third-party mediator specializing in vendor-client relationships. We pride ourselves in our ability to legitimize the wants and needs of publishers and advertisers and validate the compliancy of their transactions.